How to Set a Table

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How to Set a Table

How to Set a Table

Setting a table the right way can be a difficult task. If you don’t know how to set a table properly, don’t worry. 

We explain everything!


Where to put the cutlery?

Very easy.

On the left side of the plate should be the forks and on the right side the knives and the tablespoon. The spoons and forks are put down with the back down and the knife blades are always placed facing the plate.

The cutlery is placed from the outside to the inside. Thus, from the outside are the first cutlery to be used while the knife and fork closest to the plate will be used for the main course (which is always the last course).

As for the dessert cutlery, it is placed on top of the plates: first the knife (with the cutting edge facing down and the handle to the right); then the fork (with the handle in the opposite direction) and the spoon (in the same direction as the knife).


What about the plates?

Like cutlery, the plates should be placed on the table in the order in which they will be used. This way, if you serve a soup followed by a main course, you should place the soup course on top of the shallow course.

The dessert plate is the only one that is not placed on the table at the beginning.

In addition to the main courses, you can use a smaller dish for the bread, which will be placed on top of the forks and aligned obliquely with the main courses.

The butter knife is placed on top of this plate.


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Simple and fast, isn’t it?


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