Did you know that cutlery speaks too?

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Did you know that cutlery speaks too?

Oh yes: cutlery communicates and the portion means a to about your state of mind and your appreciation of the meal. In this article, you’ll get to know everything about each position.


If, during a meal, you need to take a break to answer a call or have a little talk with the person next to you, you just have to form a 45º triangle, with the knife always on the right side.

By doing this, you avoid having your meal taken away because they think you’re done.


Waiting for the second plate

If the meal has more than one plate, and you’ve finished one, you can inform that you’re waiting for the next one. How? Simply place the cutlery in the form of a cross in the center of the plate, with the fork pointing ahead.


You loved it

If the meal was one of those things that if you could you’d repeat it, you can express your satisfaction by putting the cutlery in a horizontal parallel position.

(We’re sure that who prepared it will be very happy with our appreciation).


You finished

If you finish a meal and you’re satisfied, put the cutlery in a vertical parallel position.


You didn’t like it

If the meal was far away from what you’ve expected and you weren’t impressed at all, you can demonstrate your dissatisfaction by crossing the knife between the fork’s teeth.

(We really hope this doesn’t happen often).


Are our tips very useful to you? If so, follow us very closely!


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